Meet the Miami Therapist, Whitney.

Whitney Hawkins is a Licensed Psychotherapist and owner of the Collaborative Counseling Center in Miami, FL. Whitney brings a fresh, modern approach to therapy and is on a mission to debunk the cultural “stigma” of therapy. She loves helping confused and overwhelmed people navigate stressful situations and live more fulfilling lives. Whitney understands that sometimes we find ourselves on “autopilot,” get off track, and maybe even compromise on the things we value most. At The Collaborative Counseling Center, Whitney works with her clients to help them strengthen their relationships and improve overall wellbeing. Whitney provides individual, couples, and family therapy online throughout Florida and in her Miami office. Whether you need someone to support and encourage you, someone to talk to, or someone to give advice, please contact Whitney for more information.

The Office

The office is located in Downtown Miami, steps from Brickell Avenue in a private, upscale building. Online counseling is also conducted from this location, ensuring extreme confidentiality. 

Whitney also provides counseling, by request, in Coconut Grove

Get to Know Us!

Whitney is a licensed mental health practitioner trained at the University of Miami. Whitney is licensed by the state of Florida and has additional clinical training and certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Mediation. 

The Collaborative Counseling Center provides confidential, evidence-based psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families in Miami, FL. We also provide individual therapy online throughout the state of Florida using confidential, HIPAA compliant video technology. 

5 Common Myths about Therapy

Whitney prides herself in her ability to mirror the client’s preferred therapy style, so it may feel like you’re talking to a friend who is clinically trained. Theoretically, she uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients draw connections between their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Whitney views all her clients through a family and systemic lens and understands that no issues arise in a vacuum. All clients have been impacted by their past experiences and their relationships; this information is used to develop new coping skills for current stressors. 

Whitney Hawkins provides real resolutions and concrete strategies to diagnosed individuals and people who love and care for those with addiction and chronic illness. She is action oriented, not just analytical and allows you to be the expert on your own life. Working with Whitney is perfect for the modern American on the go; she is available virtually anywhere in Florida, any time. Whitney hopes that one day most people believe it’s totally normal (even cool!) to have a therapist. Her clients may feel that they are victims of circumstance, but Whitney helps them to reclaim their power by creating healthy routines, self-care and firm boundaries around themselves, so that no matter what is coming their way, they can prevail.

The Collaborative Counseling Center is an out of network provider. This means we give you full control of payment, your health records and your treatment. We do this to ensure privacy and provide you with unrestricted treatment. Read more about billing, here. 

Are you enabling your addicted spouse?

Mental health care is an essential component of personal wellness. Therapy is beneficial for individuals who are healthy and hoping to gain further insight and individuals in crisis. Therapy may result in improved sleep, better relationships, better mood, increased productivity, and improved physical health. Have more questions about therapy? Check out some FAQ’s, here