Family Therapy

When tensions are running high within a family, family therapy can help. Whitney works with families of all demographics and configurations to develop better communication patterns, improve relationships, establish positive boundaries, and improve overall happiness in the family.

Should my whole family come to therapy?

Whitney views all of her clients through a family lens. This means that she is always interested in where you come from, who your most important relationships are, and how you interact with others. Ideally, family members would always be included in therapy, but we know this isn’t always possible. If you would like to come to therapy as a family every week, amazing! If not, we can work as an individual and bring your family in when possible. Any family members who are important are welcome to attend.

Here are some families I tend to work with:

Family Therapy for Families in Addiction and Addiction Recovery 

As a therapist, Whitney views addiction as a family disease where everyone is impacted. She works with families where one or multiple individuals is addicted or the family is in addiction recovery. The therapeutic process is often focused on repairing old wounds, creating new communication patterns, working on enabling, setting new boundaries, adjusting to a member in recovery, and creating a new normal.

Clients lives are changed dramatically throughout active addiction and in recovery. It can be difficult to acknowledge and admit to relationship problems within the family, but the greatest healing can come from a family working through their relationship problems together. This includes owning up to patterns of lies and secrecy, acknowledging and healing from current or past affairs, seeking and granting forgiveness, and ending patterns of abuse. You and your family will work together to create a new life based on recovery and trust.

Could you benefit from family therapy for addiction? Set up a free, 15 minute phone consult with Whitney.

Family Therapy for Chronic Illness and Caregivers 

When a partner, child, or parent is diagnosed with an illness, the family is often impacted dramatically. Some may take on the duties of caregiving, while others are processing a new diagnosis. Families with chronic illness come in many forms. Whether it’s a grandparent, child, parent, or other individual, the family may be deeply changed and impacted. These circumstances can lead to issues with intimacy, communication, distribution of household labor, and finances.

Whitney helps families facing a wide variety of chronic illness find their new normal as a unit. The therapeutic process is often focused on creating new communication patterns, processing emotional reactions to the illness, developing both togetherness and independence in the family, and learning how to utilize your own internal strengths and resources to address interpersonal problems or medical complications. You and your family will learn how to manage an illness and caregiver duties, while having a fulfilling and positive relationship.

The family unit is defined by the client and often consists of the most integral people in the family. Families come in a shapes and sizes and all benefit from family therapy for chronic illness.

Could you benefit from family therapy for chronic illness? Set up a free, 15 minute phone consult with Whitney.