Substance Abuse

Individual therapy for substance abuse or addiction is an integral part of any relapse prevention plan. I work with clients to continue the progress they made at a treatment center, help supplement their relapse prevention plan, or discuss their substance use patterns.

Clients will continue working on finding balance, repairing relationships, building self esteem, and creating a positive future. Substance abuse counseling for individuals is helpful for those considering recovery and already in recovery.

Individual therapy is an excellent addition to AA meeting, SMART recovery, or other relapse prevention groups.

Individual Therapy for Substance Abuse is perfect for:
  • Individuals who just completed detox or treatment at a substance abuse treatment center: Immediately following treatment, the risk for relapse is very high. We will work together to continue the progress you made in a Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP, or OP level of care.
  • People who are unsure if they are abusing substances and would like to get a professional opinion: During our initial phone consult, I would be happy to give you an opinion on your current usage and decide if we can work together. If you are in active addiction, I require that you enter medical detox prior to working together. Please be advised, Whitney and the Collaborative Counseling Center are not medical professionals and cannot facilitate the detox process.
  • Individuals who would like to increase their coping skills and rely less on substances: Are you coming home and having a glass of wine every time you’re stressed? Do you find yourself relying on substances for comfort, stress relief, or coping with overwhelming emotions? Substance abuse patterns do not happen overnight. We will work together to uncover the reasons you are self-medicating and create better forms of coping.
  • People in long term recovery who would like to supplement their relapse prevention plan: Every recovery and relapse prevention plan is different; you may need to change things up from time-to time. Are your 12-step or SMART Recovery meetings not having the same impact? Would you like to further examine your triggers, coping skills, and cravings? Let’s work together to provide you with an individually tailored relapse prevention plan.

Is individual therapy for substance abuse right for you? Let’s talk and find out!