Counseling Services


Thank you so much for considering The Collaborative Counseling Center, your local Miami counseling center. Located in the heart of Downtown/Brickell! I’m glad you are thinking about counseling; it is a really big step and I hope you will join us.

I have a lot more helpful information throughout the website such as tips, how to get started, information about billing, and you can read about the therapist, Whitney. 

Here are some common reasons people contact me for online or in-office counseling in Downtown Miami and Coconut Grove:

  • Couples, Families, and Substance Use: Clients lives are changed dramatically because of substance use disorders. It can be difficult to acknowledge and admit to relationship problems, but the greatest healing can come from a couple or family working through their relationship problems together. This includes facing up to patterns of lies and secrecy, acknowledging and healing from current or past affairs, seeking and granting forgiveness, and ending patterns of abuse. You and your family members will work together to create a new life based on recovery and trust.
  • Couples, Families, and Chronic Illness: When a partner, child, or parent is diagnosed with an illness, relationships are often impacted dramatically. This can lead to issues with intimacy, communication, distribution of household labor, and finances. Whitney helps couples facing a wide variety of chronic illness find their new normal as a couple or family. The therapeutic process is often focused on creating new communication patterns, processing emotional reactions to the illness, developing both togetherness and independence in the relationship, and learning how to utilize your own internal strengths and resources to address interpersonal problems or medical complications.
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families: Children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families carry a unique burden. Clients work with Whitney to process past trauma and evaluate strained strained relationships to create a new, fulfilling future.
  • Caregivers: Caregivers of individuals with chronic illness suffer from a variety of mental health issues. Whitney can help you manage stress more effectively and take care of you in the face of uncertain circumstances. This includes processing end of life care, adjusting to new circumstances, and providing you with a space to heal.
  • Everyone Else: I work with people that are dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, and that want better relationships. If you are not sure if I can help, send me an email or give me a call! I’d love to talk:

How to set up a Miami counseling appointment or appointment online:

  1. Schedule a free phone consult here, call me (305) 382-7525 or email
  2. We’ll set up a time to talk, email you the intake paperwork, and schedule your intake.
  3. In the first 1st and 2nd sessions we’ll discuss your history, story, and goals.
  4. In the 3rd session we’ll form a Treatment Plan (a map of where we’re going).

I look forward to speaking with you!